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for Black Men Founders

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Black Founders Pitch

The Black Founders Pitch Competition is an opportunity for black male business owners, who are navigating the startup phase of their business endeavors, to receive funding. If you are an early-stage company seeking market exposure, investment, and strategic partnerships, apply for the pitch competition below. Please be prepared to convey a sustainable business model that demonstrates user traction, engagement and adoption metrics. The audience selects the winner through our unique “vote with your dollars” method. Think of it as ‘Shark Tank’, with an audience, where everyone is a shark. The audience votes with their dollars, via our tech platform, to determine the winner. The person with the most votes wins (not the most money raised).


To be considered for the BMV Founders Pitch, your business...

Must be at least 51% owned by someone who identifies as a Black Male


Must have a public facing website


Is in the early-stage and generating revenue (less than $1 Million)


Must be a registered United States business


The Process

1. Qualify
2. Apply
3. Select
4. Verify
5. Practice
6. Pitch


For more information on Black Founders Pitch, please contact us at